This site has been developed with the support of The Global Development Office at Kagoshima University Graduate School of Science and Engineering. It is one of three Kagoshima University programs with components that contribute to the Kagoshima-Perth Sister City relationship.

2022 GOES Home Cohort

After studying English at UWA CELT for 5 weeks, we traveled to Koshikijima for Glocal Camp. We stayed for three days, two nights, and enjoyed meeting island people while learning about the issues facing the islands. We were lucky to be joined by one of the CELT staff, so we could have a real exchange of ideas and culture.

2021 GOES Home Cohort

We studied English online at UWA CELT in Perth for 5 weeks, and then joined Glocal Camp at Kagoshima University. Unfortunately we could not meet in real life due to COVID restrictions, but we were able to take a field trip to local companies, Asada Mesh and Yonemori Construction. We learned a lot about regional development, and we hope you’ll enjoy our web pages.

2020 GOES Home Cohort

We are students of Kagoshima University. This website is about Kagoshima and Perth, Sister Cities since 1974. We studied online in Perth for five weeks this summer, and after, we made this site. All the work on these pages is original, and we’ve included a page of references we used to base the content on. We hope you’ll enjoy learning about Kagoshima water with us!

About the GOES Program

In 2015 the first Kagoshima University (KU) cohort of GOES (Graduate Overseas Extension Studies) students traveled to California for a 3 month study experience. They attended language school, participated in STEM workshops, and visited a variety of companies to learn business skills first-hand. Since then graduate students have participated in various overseas programs, in New York, North Dakota, Hawaii, Silicon Valley, and San Diego.

From 2018 a new program was launched in partnership with University of Western Australia, Center for English Language Teaching (UWA CELT) in Perth, Australia. This program builds on the Kagoshima-Perth Sister City relationship. Begun in 1974, it is the longest-standing relationship of its kind for both cities. From its position within the community, Kagoshima University supports its students in actively contributing to this relationship through the GOES Program.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic overseas travel has been suspended, so students stay at home and study online at UWA CELT for 5 weeks. To round out the program, they gather at KU for a one-week intensive English program, where they use their newly polished English skills to build this website.

These 1st and 2nd year Masters’ students from the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, and the Graduate School of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, brainstormed ideas relating to the United Nations SDG’s to think about how regional development connects to the wider world. This web page is their contribution to the regional development of Kagoshima, providing information about the area in English, which goes beyond tourism.