Marine Port construction was coordinated by Yonemori Construction

Purpose of the artificial island

  •   A terminal for large cruise ship​​s
  •   A place to store debris generated by disaster​s
  •   A heliport for transporting emergency patients ​
  •   A place to collect sediment from Mt. Sakurajima​​


▸Total project cost 

26.7 billion yen​

▸ Landfill area


 ■ Construction zone 1: 10.3ha​ ■ Construction zone 2: 13.7ha

▸ Amount of buried soil​

   ■Sakurajima soil and rock flow soil​ 2 million m³​

  ■Public residual soil, etc.​ 2.5 million m³


Quay Construction

▸Quay construction method

Caisson type Quay

What is a caisson?​

It means “big box” in French.​ The caisson is made of reinforced concrete.​

It is used to prevent waves and as a quay to stop ships.​

Caisson Construction

1. Put stones on the sea floor
2. Construct a base
3. Put the caisson on the base
4. Put sediment in the caisson
5. Cover with concrete