We depend on water to live. Keeping our waterways clean is important!


Through this website, we’ll introduce the water of Kagoshima and Perth with topics such as INFRASTRUCTURE, LIFESTYLE and LEISURE.

Have you thought about “Water”? It’s really important for us. 60% of our body is made from water. A adult whose weight is 70kg has 42L in their body.

In this page, about “Water” which is a source of our life, we compare with Kagoshima and Perth. We hope you can get nice knowledge about water in these two Sister Cities.

Here we go!!!!!

Kotsuki River and Swan River

Kinko Bay

Water Sources

Kotsuki River and Swan River

Both Kagoshima and Perth have a famous river on the center of the city. Also, these are popular with citizens as landmarks. Here, we show the details of these rivers and compare them.

The river in Kagoshima is Kotsuki River which comes from Kinko Pond in Yae Mountain and flows to Kinko bay. In addition, its basin area is 106 km² and its length is 26 km.

The river in Perth is Swan River and its source is the Avan River with Wooroloo Brook and its estuary is at the Indian Ocean. Also, its basin area is 121,100 km and its length is 72 km.

As you can see, Swan River is much bigger than Kotsuki River so you can enjoy the different scenery of the river when you come to Kagoshima city.

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Kinko Bay

Kagoshima city faces the sea. The sea is called Kinko Bay. It is a bay so the waves are calm. There is a Sakurajima is a volcano in the center of the bay. Even now, volcanic gas blows out on the sea bed because it is an active volcano. Because of the volcanic activity there are rare metals on the sea bed.

Kinko Bay and Kagoshima City

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Water Sources

Do you know where every day drinking water comes from?

In Kagoshima city, it comes from river water and one hundred nine springs and deep wells. The proportion of river water and groundwater is approximately equal.

In Perth, desalination is the main water source. The second largest is groundwater, followed by dams and others, in this order. Desalination is particularly different method compared to Kagoshima. It can produce fresh water from seawater. Streamflow is declining because of climate change, so desalination is becoming an important source of fresh water. Depletion of water resources was a serious problem, however, now people in Perth can get water stably through desalination.

On the other hand, Kagoshima still doesn’t have to use desalination because there is enough groundwater and river water. In particular, the springs are a result of Kagoshima’s characteristic geography. There are many volcanoes so Kagoshima’s ground contains lots of ash and pumine, which are generally called ‘Shirasu’ in Japan. In the old days, people in Kagoshima city had to take lots of time to get the water, however, modern technological developments can supply the water easily. Now we can see the springs in Kagoshima city, how about visiting there once?

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