Solar power in Japan

Solar power in Japan has been increasing since the late 1990s, and has become an important national priority. Japan is leading the world in photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing. Some solar companies such as Kyocera are very famous for their technologies and products. In the domestic market, PVs are mainly used in household and industrial systems. For example, a lot of houses are supplied with electricity collected with solar panels on the roof.

Photovoltaic Energy

Solar manufacturing industry in Kagoshima

The Kagoshima Nanatsujima mega solar power plant

Kyocera together with other companies, has started operation of the largest solar power plant in Kagoshima. The plant can produce approximately 117,000MWh/year, which is equal to the power used by around 39,300 households. It is believed that the plant will contribute greatly to the local community by creating jobs and increasing tax revenues. In addition, the use of renewable energy promotes the protection of the surrounding natural environment.

Asada Mesh

The company Asada Mesh manufactures various types of woven wire mesh and processed products for screen printing, filtering, sieving and electro-magnetic radiation shielding applications. Screen printing is used in the process of making solar cells, which are used at the Nanatsujima solar site.

Screen printing is used in the process of making solar panels