Economic impact of Marine Port Kagoshima

We cannot live without food in this world. Where are you when you think about what you will eat? REMEMBER, as long as you are somewhere, there will always be some kind of construction with you. We visited one of Yonemori Construction Company’s public enterprise projects, Marine Port. Here in this page, you can find out how the construction industry supports our life with financial points of view.

Construction industry in Kagoshima

It is said that the construction industry in Kagoshima is a representative of SDGs 8 and 10 which secure our life safely when there are any disasters or recessions. As proof, it supports 7% of GDP in Kagoshima prefecture, and especially construction for public enterprise gives residents job opportunities.

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Public enterprise in the construction industry

Because it is a PUBLIC work, it is usually planned by government, not by private construction companies such as Yonemori Construction Co., LTD. These companies bid for projects they are interested in working on. To begin with public enterprises are planned by Kagoshima prefecture or city. Then, they get subsidies from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. At this time local government becomes the ordering party and private companies can bid for and start to deal with the project. This is how public enterprise works.

SDGs and public enterprise

The world has started to cope with climate change and the other negative factors for our life seriously and finally. Sustainable Development Goals, (SGDs) have been adopted by the United Nations. That is why benefactors make private companies think about these before bid for their project. Yonemori Construction Co., LTD has been operating in Kagoshima for 100 years, and one of their SDG actions is planting trees, which connects to goal 14: Life on Land, to show their appreciation to the forest in which they used to cut trees for housing construction in the past. Furthermore, they are confirmed as a SDG partners in Kagoshima and have plans to focus on goals 3, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 15.

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Commercial facilities History

Commercial facilities increased in connection with building Marine Port Kagoshima.
Accordingly, foreign tourists and tourism consumption have been increasing year by year. There are several reasons for this. One of the reasons is increasing air service. Another reason is the increase in foreign tourists who arrive on a cruise ship. In 2016, the number of foreign tourists arriving on cruise ships was greater than those arriving by air plane in Kyushu*1. Also, a cruise ship can accommodate up to around 4,000 people at one time. So, Marine Port Kagoshima contributes significantly to the economic development in Kagoshima. Below you can see this relationship in the timeline of commercial facilities.

*1 reference: Ministry of Land, Infrastructrure, Transport and Tourisum Kyushu Regional Development Bureau, Press Release, June 5th, 2017

Timeline of Commercial Facilities
April1996Marine Port Kagoshima project starts
May 30th1997Kagoshima city aquarium grand opening
March 13th2004Kyushu Shinkansen soft opening
September 17th2004AMU PLAZA Kagoshima grand opening
April2005Dolphin Port grand opening
September 29th2006SQUARE MALL KAGOSHIMA USUKI opening
October 14th2006Frespo Jungle Park grand opening
September 28th2007The 1st construction zone opening (Sapphire Princess)
October 6th2007AEON MALL Kagoshima grand opening
November 8th2007OPSIA Misumi opening
2009The number of visitors to Marine Port Kagoshima reaches one million people.
March 28th2010Maruya gardens opening
March 16th2012 Don Quixote Usuki store opening
September 26th2014AMU PLAZA Kagoshima “Premium Building” opening
April 21st2017ACROSS PLAZA YOJIRO opening
March2019the newly planned No.2 quay start
May2019 The number of visitors to Marine Port Kagoshima reaches ten million people.
June 18th2021Li-Ka 1920 grand opening
2022The newly planned No. 2 quay is scheduled for completion

Location of Commercial Facilities

You can see these commercial facilities below. They have an important role in our daily lives.

Commercial facilities Map
Kagoshima city aquarium
Tenmonkan arcade
Maruya gardens
AMU PLAZA Kagoshima
Li-Ka 1920
Frespo Jungle Park
AEON Kagoshima Kamoike
OPSIA misumi
AEON MALL Kagoshima

Economic trends

COVID-19 has spread around the world since the end of 2019. The situation is continuing even now. Kagoshima Marine Port project is important for economic development in Kagoshima. Someday, I hope that the big cruise ships like Allure of the Seas return to Marine Port Kagoshima and it will be alive with tourists.

Souce: created besed upon Kagoshima Prefectuere Homepage
Souce: created based upon Kagoshima Prefecture Homapage

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Our survey is based on discussions and great cooperation with one of the oldest private construction companies in Kagoshima, Yonemori Construction Co., LTD. We extremely appreciate your support to create these contents. We hope for your further development from our heart. Thank you so much.


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